Parent Must-Read ~ Internet Safety-Tips for Kids & Teens

Landon started Kindergarten this fall and he has computer class 2 or 3 days a week. And while I think that this is great, it only brings to my attention the fact that he will be doing a lot of school work on a computer and likely needing the internet in the not so distant future. Have a kid surfing the net sounds pretty scary to me! Here are some tips for those of you who already, or soon will have, children or teens who will be on the internet.

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One thought on “Parent Must-Read ~ Internet Safety-Tips for Kids & Teens

  1. Thanks for this post. It scares me too thinking about my little ones on the internet, because no matter what, you can never have TOTAL control. It’s also amazing to see how technologically advanced each generation becomes. My two year old is more comfortable using a Mac and a touch screen phone than her grandma!

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