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Stay a Stay at Home Mom: Please Answer this question- Does it make sense for you to work outside the home? Why or why not.  (Answer under that blog post) 

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16 thoughts on “New Years Rockin’ Eve Follow Page

  1. It does make sense for me to work from home! I save a ton of gas. I just wish I had more of a social life, this is one thing I miss while I do save gas cost.

    So working outside the home would be really a bad idea for me, would make no sense at all to commute to the nearest town 45miles away and burn money in fuel…..

  2. It makes sense to work from home but I need direction on how to make money. I have leg, hip and back problems so it’s not feasible for me to work outside the home. I like being home anyway and have 3 kids :D

  3. It does not make sense for me to work outside the home because while at home we use brestmilk and cloth diapers…if I had to send my child to daycare none of them around us would be willing to use those so with the cost of daycare, formula, and disposable diapers and wipes it just wouldnt be worth it.

  4. It does make sense for me because all of my Children are grown, but when they were younger I worked from home.

  5. i think if you can find a job out side your home go for it, but today i am finding more and more moms and dads finding a job working from home ;) i tlhink its great but also i think people lose out on socializing with others..

  6. Does it make sense for me to work outside the home? Yes since I don’t have children and no because it would be nice to work at home in comfy clothes!

  7. We have a family business. So I can work from home but also take my kids to the office with me occasionally! Its very flexible around my schedule and my kids!

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