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I’ve said it before, I’m definitely not a germaphobe, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t care about keeping my and my kids’ hands clean and safe. All four of my kids put their hands in their mouths, yes even Landon still sucks his thumb, and I have heard horror stories about hand sanitizers making kids sick because they would put their hands in their mouths and the sanitizer had alcohol in it. safeHands has come up with a much needed solution, alcohol-free hand sanitizers!

safeHands Alcohol-Free Sanitizers  kill over 99.99% of germs but also help soothe, nourish and preserve the natural oils in skin. That’s a win-win situation in my books! Not only do the sanitizers with alcohol cause potential harm to kids that have a tendency to put their fingers (or other people’s fingers in the case of my twins) in their mouths, but also they would dry out my hands.

safeHands offers two lines of alcohol-free sanitizers: the Classic Line with Clean Linen and Cucumber Melon scents. They also have an unscented sanitizer for those who do not with to have a fragrance  (that would be TJ, he says that he doesn’t want to smell “girly”).

safeHands also has a kids’ line called safeSquirts with bold colors and fun scents such as Bubble Gum, Cool Blue, and Tooty Fruity.

I received a great sampling of safeHands alcohol-free hand sanitizers both from the Classic Line and from the safeSquirts line to test out and review.

I love the convenient bottles they are in; they fit perfectly in a diaper bag, purse, car console, or pretty much anywhere! Having a pump top versus a squirt top is great because as a parent you have more control over how much your child is getting. Now with that being said, you do still need to monitor them, otherwise they could just keep pumping and having their hands overflowing with foam!  Yes, my kids get a little overzealous with pumps! But I think the things I love most about safeHands is that it is a foam; a foam is great because kids love having foam on their hands so this makes safeHands an item they want to use, it doesn’t dry out my hands, and it doesn’t feel sticky afterwards like other sanitizers I’ve used.

I truly love everything about our safeHands alcohol-free hand sanitizers!  I love they they are fun to use, help keep my family clean, and they are safe for everyone, including if you have any pets that love to give kisses! They are convenient, easy to use, smell great, and help moisturize my hands!

safeHands is the next generation of hand sanitizers. I love their Alcohol Free Mission – “Safe the Planet” one hand at a time and “Spread Truth. Not Germs”!

BUY THEM:  You can purchase safeHands alcohol-free sanitizers and other great safeHands products through their website. Also be sure to follow safeHands on facebook, pinterest and twitter for the lasted products and deals!

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Mommy and 4 Peas in a Pod Disclosure: I received samples of safeHands alcohol-free hand sanitizer in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are 100% mine and not influenced in any way; they may differ from yours. I did NOT receive any monetary compensation for this post.

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11 thoughts on “Keeping Hands Safe & Clean with safeHands

  1. We LOVE that you love our products!! We are soon to be found in retail stores nationwide, but for now you can purchase at:

    Thank you in advance for helping us Safe the Planet. We look forward to keeping your family safeHands secure!

    Dr. Marla Reis
    Fellow Mom, Wellness Expert, and Psychologist
    (also VP Brand Experience for safeHands)

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