Easy DIY Humpty Dumpty Costume

Every year at Le Roy Elementary School, the kindergartners march in the Mother Goose Parade sporting their favorite Mother Goose character. Of course Landon’s favorite is Humpty Dumpty! TJ and I set out to make Landon his Humpty Dumpty costume….it was a huge hit among the other kids, parents and teachers!

The Humpty Dumpty costume is super easy to make; here is how we did it.

What you’ll need: 

one box that will fit around your child

red construction paper (or whatever color you want the wall to be)

tape, glue, glue stick (however you want to attach the paper to the box)

black marker

a ruler (or folder) for drawing a straight line

rope or ribbon

2 safety pins

pair of pants (for Humpty Dumpty’s legs)

a pair of shoes (for Humpty Dumpty)

stuffing for the legs (we used grocery bags, but socks, towels, or shirts would work too)

a white shirt for your child to wear

a black hat (optional)

How to do it:

1. Find a box that will fit around your child (we used a diaper box) and cut off the flaps so it is completely open.

2. Next wrap the box in construction paper (color that you want the wall to be). You can attach it using tape, glue, or a glue stick. I found it was easiest to attach it using tape, but used the glue stick on some of the edges to there wouldn’t be so much tape showing.

I do recommend covering the inside of the box too because it will show. I did use glue and a glue stick on the inside because I didn’t want the tape to show.

3. Next you need to draw the lines of the bricks using your black marker and ruler. I recommend drawing all of the horizontal lines first.

After all the horizontal lines are drawn, then space out the vertical lines so you have the size bricks you want. Here is what our finished brick wall looked like:

Optional: You can add a ledge to your wall but using a different color construction paper.

4.  Make two holes in the front of the wall and make two holes in the back that line up with the front two. Insert the rope into the two front holes, and then have your child step into the box so you can measure the length of rope needed to have the wall at the desired height.

5. Now it’s time to make Humpty’s legs. Choose a pair of pants and knot the bottoms of each leg.

then stuff the pants ~ we used grocery bags, but you can stuff with socks, towels, or whatever works! I used 2 safety pins to “close” the top of the pants. Then stuff the pants into the pair of shoes.

6.  Get your child dressed in what they will wear. We choose a white polo shirt, blue shorts, and a black hat for Landon.

7. Have your child put on the brick wall (this is Landon’s “oh no! I’m falling” face!)

8. Lastly, you need to attach the legs to the costume. Using some rope, thread it through the safety pins and then through the belt loop of the pants/shorts your child is wearing (or around the waist if your child’s bottoms do not have a belt loop). And now you are done!

Landon was so excited that he was the only Humpty Dumpty in the Mother Goose parade! Like I said, it was a huge hit and we had people coming up to us afterwards telling us, “what a great costume!”.

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16 thoughts on “Easy DIY Humpty Dumpty Costume

  1. Oh my word, this is SO CUTE!! What a great idea. I think I’ll modify it and hide my son’s legs completely by adding another box. It’ll give the illusion of a greater fall ;-)

  2. I love this :) I’ve been looking for costumes for my 1 year old to make, so we don’t run into 10 other kids in the same costume. I’ll have to add this to the list of possibilities!

  3. HOW cute!!! This is such a cute idea!! You did a fabulous job abd looks like the little one quite well enjoyed his costume!!!!! I just have to spread the word about this one!!!! LOVE IT!!

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