20 Unique and Unusual Chili Recipes

It is {almost} officially Fall, which means that the leaves will be changing soon, the weather will start cooling off, and it’s Chili Season!! My in-laws host an annual Chili Shoot-Out where everyone brings their best pot of chili and the whole party votes. I won a couple of years ago, but have had some pretty tough competition the past few news. I knew I needed to get creative, so I searched for some new chili recipes and here are the best ones I found.


  1. Vegetarian Chili
  2. Kielbasa Chili
  3. Cha Cha’s White Chicken Chili
  4. Pumpkin Chili
  5. Red Hot Texas Chili
  6. Tequila Lime Chicken Chili
  7. Double-Cheese Chili
  8. Beer and Bacon Chili
  9. Chipotle Turkey Chili
  10. Chili con Carne
  11. Spicy Sweet Honey Chili
  12. Habanero Hellfire Chili
  13. Slow-Cooker Black Bean Mushroom Chili
  14. White Chili
  15. Ultimate Beef Chili
  16. Zesty Wheat Berry – Black Bean Chili
  17. Chicken Fruit Cinnamon Mole Chili
  18. Southwestern Four Pepper Chili
  19. Secret Ingredient Chili
  20. Bourbon Chili



Which new chili recipe should I try out at this year’s Chili Shoot-Out?? Or do you have a winning chili recipe?? Share your link and I will add it to my list!

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