16 Fun Baby Food Jar Craft Ideas

With the twins in full “feed-me” mode pretty much around the clock, we go through A LOT of baby food jars! I am thinking of using them when I make my hot pepper jelly this Christmas as gifts, but I don’t want to wait that long to get crafting…So I did a search for the cutest and most creative baby food jar crafts out there. Here are my top 16:

  1. Autumn Tealight Holder
  2. Snowman Candle Holder
  3. Valentine’s Day (or any Holiday) Photo Snow Globes
  4. Christmas Tree Centerpiece
  5. Air Fresheners
  6. Herb Garden
  7. Under the Sea Snow Globe Aquariums
  8. Garden Chandelier 
  9. Crayon Organizer
  10. Glittery Candle Holders
  11. Magnetic Spice Holders
  12. Hot Chocolate Snowmen
  13. Lego Storage Jar
  14. Buzz’s Rocket Globes
  15. Christmas Tree
  16. Halloween Votives

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4 thoughts on “16 Fun Baby Food Jar Craft Ideas

  1. What neat ideas. I like the aquarium and crayon organizer. There’s no way they’d stay organized but could use as an early learner game of sorting various objects.

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