16 Fun and Cute Classroom Treat Recipes



 With Landon starting kindergarten this year, we’re having our first experience of bringing treats in for snack for the entire classroom. Of course I can’t just send a box of crackers in; I want Landon’s treats to be extra fun and cool! Here are 16 super fun and cute classroom treat recipes!


  1. Marshmallow Pops
  2. Homemade Lollipop Cookies
  3. Cupcake Cones
  4. Rainbow Cupcakes
  5. Alligator Cookie Pops
  6. Bumblebee Banana Cupcakes
  7. Candy Cereal Treats
  8. Easy Caramel Apples
  9. Cookie Witch Hat
  10. Black Olive Penguins
  11. Owl Smores
  12. Goldfish Marshmallow Pops
  13. Sunshine Lollipops
  14. Cupcake Pebbles Treats
  15. Starfish S’Mores
  16. Birthday Marshmallow Kabobs


And here our the Angry Birds Rice Krispie Treat Pops that Landon is bringing into school Thursday for his birthday!

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25 thoughts on “16 Fun and Cute Classroom Treat Recipes

  1. These are really good ideas for snacks! Totally going to pin this to my “kids” board (for use in like 4 years seeing as my “kid” is only 8 months old, lol). Either way, I want to remember it!

  2. oh these are too cute! are they all peanut-free? I hate that I’ve become “that parent” but with DD now having a peanut allergy I always have to worry about the snacks other parents bring.

    • I think the only one you wouldn’t be able to make are the alligator pops since they are made out of nutter butter cookies.

      But I think all the rest of them are peanut safe :)

  3. I will be able to use a few of these for my families ThanksChristmas(thanksgiving and christmas) celebration this year. And the older kids could actually help make a few of them…well maybe with two newborns i will just pre make them, im sure the adults will eat them too!

  4. love these… thanks for the ideas. I think we will need to make some Homemade Lollipop Cookies for our next birthday party!

  5. Those are great! I don’t have kids in school yet but those look fun for birthday parties and would make awesome treats for when my niece and nephews come over too. My son loves anything you put on a stick, lol.

  6. These are super cute and great ideas for birthday treats or you could wrap them and send them home as part of the loot bag! Love them.

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  8. These are some really creative ideas! My personal favourite is the cupcake cone;) I like that the kids can help out in making a lot of these treats too!

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